Scenic Rim 4Real Milk is here!

 Fresh, Full Cream Pasteurised Only Milk - (Unhomogenised milk) - available in Queensland and Northern New South Wales

Scenic Rim 4Real Milk Product Range

Our products include full cream, pasteurised only milk (unhomogenised milk) and a range of delicious cheeses.

If you see the cream on top - that's how it is supposed to be, give it a shake before pouring. 

Our cheese is made by a local cheesemaker using our full cream milk and uses vegetarian rennet.


Full Cream Milk - Pasteurised only

  • 2 ltr - Plastic Bottle
  • 1 lt - Plastic Bottle
  • 750 ml - Glass Bottle


CHEESE - made with Scenic Rim 4Real Milk

Soft Cheese range

  • Triple Cream Brie - 200g - currently unavailable
  • Camembert - 160g - currently unavailable

Hard Cheese

  • Clothbound Cheddar - 100g
  • Red Leicester - 100g

Our cheese range is not available at all stores.

Where can you buy Scenic Rim 4Real Milk in Queensland or Northern New South Wales?  View our Stockist Map to find a stockist near you.


Tamrookum - Scenic Rim - Queensland


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